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Contemporaneous and Smart Home

21B Aleea Meteorologiei, sector 1, Bucharest
Jandarmeriei area/ Stejarii club
Starting price: €1,700,000
What would be the result of a mixture between comfort, technology and nature when thinking about a house?!
The Villa in the Băneasa - Gendarmerie area perfectly blends the three ingredients in a refined mix, resulting in a living and relaxing space where (almost) everything is controlled by the simple touch of the phone display or by a gesture surprised by countless sensors, from the garage door to the lights, the temperature of the heating system and of the indoor pool water.
The gourmands will particularly appreciate this property, its kitchen being an area where high technology can encourage unlimited culinary creativity.
For this house the word smart is not a marketing facility. The parametric control solutions implemented in the house and their integrated management is realised through the KNX system – a reference standard in the field. This is an accomplishment of exceptional engineering, which results not only in comfort but also in a notable decrease of the energy costs of the house, creating, thus, an eco-friendly home.
The future owner does not receive only the abovementioned characteristics. The cubist architecture, the professional interior and exterior design, the materials, the high-quality furniture and the top technology elements are harmoniously complemented by the nature, Băneasa Forest being in the immediate vicinity.
The neighbourhood fully contributes to excellency of this property, the Gendarmerie area being known for its quality properties but also for an intense the spirit of community.

Photo: Gabriel Ghizdavu

Property details

  • 1.000 sqm
  • 815 sqm
  • 650 sqm
  • 475 sqm
  • B+GF+2F
  • 8
  • 5
  • 149 sqm indoor swimming pool, 23 sqm Gazebo, underground garage
  • 2007
  • Family Residence
  • B37AHE-NC