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Market Report 2018

The Market Report 2018 is an analysis of the current status of the built heritage and its potential for investments.

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Catalogue Autumn 2018

The Artmark Historical Estate biannual catalogues, genuine architectural albums, contain unknown histories, from love stories to important political events, hidden between the walls of the houses where they took place. The Neo-Romanian architecture is also present in the pages of this Autumn 2018 edition along representatives of the Romantic or Neoclassical style. Eco and rural estates meet the luxury segment starting with this catalogue due to AHE customers' interest in a different lifestyle; this time comprising urban and modern designs in the most elitist areas of Bucharest.

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Artmark Historical Estate - Spring Catalogue 2018

Artmark Historical Estate has launched the Spring Catalogue for 2018.

Continuing the previous endeavors of presenting opportunities for capitalizing the Romanian heritage and identifying the right investors, our portfolio has increased significantly. In this context, a new AHE catalogue has been launched. The Spring edition for 2018 brings together monuments which are representative of the national architectural and cultural heritage which were either created by famous architects or belonged to distinguished personalities, such as the House of the actor Constantin I. Nottara, the House of the poet Dimitrie Bolintineanu, the Villa of the architect Paul Smărăndescu or the Golescu - Gussi Manor. We invite you to discover their rich history and elegance in the Artmark Historical Estate - Spring Catalogue 2018.

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CATALOGUE 2016- 2017

Over these two years since Artmark Historical Estate Division was launched , we have achieved encouraging results, expanding our portfolio with historical and artistic monuments of great value. Under an innovative initiative of creating a contemporary book dedicated to houses that appear to have been forgotten by history, such as "Palace of Stone" Udrişte Năsturel, the only monument of Romanian civil architecture from the 17th century, built entirely of stone, or widely publicised houses such as Nicolae Ceaușescu's protocol villa from Predeal, the album presents the recorded history of these buildings in an accessible manner that involves fascinating details and spectacular photographs.

We are pleased to invite you to discover the new Artmark Historical Estate Catalogue for 2016 -2017.

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