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Alexandrescu Manor from Guranda, Neo-Romanian Style

Guranda Village, Botoșani County
35 km to Botoşani, 90 km to Iaşi
Starting price: €300,000
Estimate: €500,000 - €750,000
Alexandrescu Manor from Guranda has a history of more than one century, being built at the order of the spouses Mihai and Mathilde Alexandrescu, Mihai being a Wallach boyar who settled down in Moldova at the end of the XIXth century, around 1890. Situated at approximately 40 de km from Botoșani, the property of the family Alexandrescu was about to become not only residence, but also a source of income, the domain being extended with hundreds of hectares. The main building was buttoned up in 1905, the project being signed by a Venetian architect. The estate borrows obviously from the typical architecture of those times, Neo – Romanian style, the Neo – Romanian style being the most dashing at the turn of the centuries. Notwithstanding, the estate is marked by different decorative effects that offer a special aspect, monumentally – the use of the brick in the decoration of the borders or of the wooden frames in the tracing of small balconies. The heiress of the manor was the only daughter of the Alexandrescu spouses, Yvonne (1890-1974), who had to enter in the big Cantacuzino family, getting married with Ion Cantacuzino (1888-1954), with whom she had a daughter, Claudina (born 1914).
After the dispossessions from the year 1948, the manor enters in the property of the communist state, which, since 1949, has set up in the manor from Guranda a hospital unit. In the 2000s, the mansion is taken into family ownership, by his heirs.

Property details

  • 16,48 ha
  • 1.334 sqm
  • 790 sqm
  • B+GF+1F+A
  • 23
  • 5
  • €225
  • 410 sqm outbuildings and a lake on an area of 2 ha.
  • 1905
  • BT-II-m-B-01987
  • Historical monument that is representative of the local cultural heritage, class B.
  • 2 Family residence, Hunting castle, Medical center, Multifunctional complex, Pension, Social center, Touristic complex
  • BT01AHE-B