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Since the founding of the auction house in 2008, Artmark shortly established itself as one of the leading promoters of Romanian heritage and contemporary art, a driving force of artistic and historical goods for Romanian market, helping to shape and accelerate its development towards the international art market. The reputation of crucial player in the art market has been strengthened through professionalism, stability and responsibility, earning the trust and the support of all those who found themselves in the vision on which the activity of Artmark lies.


From the vast portfolio of Artmark projects, the Historical Estate division was created, with the motto “Unique Homes for the Connoisseur of Life”. For the first time in Romania, following the model of large international Auction Houses, Artmark Historical Estate provides access to this particular segment of the market, dedicated to the historical and artistic properties: palaces, castles, fortresses, mansions and villas that are centuriesold, all these being regarded as landmarks in the Register of Historical Monuments. Our previous experience with transactions that concern works of high value, as well as our fine tuning skills in heritage recommend us as the ideal solution for all lovers of true architectural jewels representative for Romania.


Passion, loyalty, optimism, tenacity and respect are the values that lead Artmark spirit and transforms the auction house in more than a business model, in an initiative to rediscover and preserve the authentic Romanian values, to develop specific tools to boost the creative industry. Sale of art, historical and artistic property proved to be a natural combination, the result of the connections across the country and of the Artmark brokers expertise in real estate and art brokerage.